Why choose GEOMAX? Simple.
You’ll save time and money.

Based in Iowa City, Iowa, GEOMAX Soil Stabilization provides the construction industry with sustainable, state-of-the-art soil stabilization for paving sub-grades and construction building sites. The company uses Class C self-cementing fly ash, kiln dust, quick lime or cement powder mixed with the soil to create a stable base. GEOMAX uses local geotechnical consultants whenever possible to calculate the proper mixture for the various soil conditions. These geotechnically engineered foundations are cost-effective, help accelerate construction schedules and improve life expectancy of paving surfaces.

With GEOMAX, you’ll get a stronger, more durable and sustainable soil base.
Here’s how:Benefits Soil Stabilization

  • Positively altering soil properties to enhance soil strength and compaction.
  • Significantly improving California Bearing Ratio (CBR) values.
  • Reducing potential for slab heaves and structure failures through a reduction in the swelling characteristics of fatty clays.
  • Increasing the soil’s resistance to water infiltration.
  • Increasing freeze/thaw durability of the soil through the addition of fly ash.

We understand the need for speed.

Sometimes, it comes down to a race against time. GEOMAX Soil Stabilization can help reduce the time it typically takes to complete projects:

  • Keep projects moving, even when poor soils or wet subgrade conditions exist
  • Fine-tune your construction work schedule and allocate labor resources more efficiently
  • Bid more competitively against traditional methods, especially with time-sensitive jobs

Short-term. Long-term. The cost benefits are clear.

The GEOMAX soil stabilization process can help minimize initial construction project costs, as well as offer significant long-term cost benefits:

  • Eliminate initial construction costs for geotextiles or geogrids
  • Eliminate labor costs for placement
  • Reduce project costs by reducing pavement thickness
  • Optimize use of recycled industrial materials or coal combustion by-products
  • Extend pavement life cycle

You don’t have to be a scientist. Just a smart business person.

The traditional solution for unsuitable subgrade is to regrade and haul in tons of stone, rock and soil to fix the problems. Our geotechnically engineered soil base is actually less expensive than traditional methods like soil replacement. The increased quality of our state-of-the-art soil bases cost less than traditional methods, such as soil replacement, core out and replace with additional crushed stone and/or geogrid — all of which add cost and time delays. In virtually every case, the GEOMAX treatment can beat the cost of excavation.

Why go through all those costs and headaches? The professionals at GEOMAX arrive at your site, mix the treatment product into the subgrade, perform a final top grading — and it’s ready to go.