Let’s talk soil.

Midwestern soils are typically high moisture, heavy cohesive clays, oftentimes containing seams of fat clays. These two conditions can cause real challenges during earthmoving and subgrade preparation when preparing for a new pavement placement. The “Better Science” of GEOMAX is this: we can produce a superior, reinforced subgrade — especially when you are faced with the challenges of poor soil conditions. With GEOMAX, you can take Mother Nature out of the equation — and keep your project on schedule.

A more stable foundation with an accelerated completion time, and less cost — those are the benefits of GEOMAX Soil Stabilization.Soil Modification

The soil modification process: Better science. Solid results.

GEOMAX uses a geo-technically engineered subgrade treatment that alters the chemical composition of the soil particles. It can turn wet, muddy or otherwise unstable subgrade into dry, stable, ready-to-pave sub-grade within 24 hours. Three to four hours after application, the mixture is hard — and it continues to gain strength for 28 days.

The GEOMAX soil stabilization process blends Class C self-cementing fly ash (a coal combustion by-product), kiln dust, quicklime or cement powder into the soil to bond soil particles.  Fly ash can be used as a drying agent for saturated soils because it helps reduce the moisture content and allows for compaction — resulting in a more stable base. The fly ash reduces the plasticity characteristics of the soil and cements the soil particles together, which reduces the swelling of expansive soils.

Class C fly ash contains tricalcium aluminate, which is very reactive with water. It provides immediate strength gains to the soil. The modified soil can be used in the remediation of a subgrade or is especially useful in backfilling utility trenches where proper density can’t be attained.

GEOMAX relies on the expertise of area geotechnical firms to determine the most effective soil modification and application rate for the particular soil type on your project. Upon request at your project’s completion, GEOMAX will provide you with a summary report, which documents the entire project procedure and results.

All soil additives are applied at the exact application rate utilizing the Stolts Manufacturing company’s latest equipment. This six-wheel drive, all-terrain vehicle delivers up to 27 tons of product, accurately conveyed via cross augur technology. This applicator distributes all additives via radar-controlled spreader/augur speed control.

The additive is mixed into the soil using a self-propelled rotary mixer at a width of eight feet and in most situations, to a depth of 8-12 inches. If soil conditions require a depth that exceeds 12 inches for proper stabilization, the process is completed in multiple layers of 6-12 inches until proper compaction is attained.

No fugitive dust!

The latest technology of fugitive dust collection has been improved by the addition of an air recycling and capturing system designed by and built exclusively for GEOMAX Soil Stabilization. This equipment applies these very dry and dusty additives at the exact application rate VIRTUALLY DUST FREE! There is no fugitive dust at all.